Started to answer, then changed mind. Now can't remove answer box from page

I started to reply on a thread and the answer box came up, then changed my mind and deleted the text. However, whenever I go to that thread the answer box, with my draft response, still pops up. Delete text, minimise box or press ‘cancel’ … it disappears. Until the next time. What am I doing wrong, please?
(and no, I’m not tempted to post my answer … Brexit is a ‘light blue touch paper and retire’ and I’m long past all that argument now!)


Hi Sandy… when I press “cancel” rather than “reply” to actually post a reply… mine opens another box asking Abandon? or Keep? and of course the answer is Abandon…

give it a whirl… perhaps we are using different set ups you and I… :thinking:

other than that, delete what appears in the box and type in something else… humorous even and Reply that… :thinking:

I get an abandon box on my phone screen but it isn’t always easy to tap on it

Hit cancel and then you should get this,

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oh so simple, thank you! Don’t know why I couldn’t work that out for myself!! Merci, all!

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