Starting a business with a partner from another country

Hello all! Just wondering, does anyone knows whether it is possible to start a business under the AE program with a business partner in another country (USA)? I'm currently looking at the possibility of starting an American business operating in France vs. a French business with an American partner, and not sure which way to go or which one will be the least complicated (for paperwork, taxes, insurance, etc.)... Has anyone had any experience with something like this?

I really don't think the AE scheme is what you're looking for unless you both simply register as AE but don't declare that you're working together and split the business between you...

Thanks for the info, Nick and Andrew! I suppose I will have to do a bit more research in that case to see what my options are... I could start the business on my own, and "hire" the person who is supposed to be my partner as an employee, and she could do the reverse in America, but we were hoping to start it together somehow!

exactly Nick, no partnerships at all, you're on your own. Also limits on turnover etc so have a good read of the info on the official site I guess you'll probably better off with an american arrangement but have no experience of doing business there so can't comment ;-)

Not 100% sure, but would assume that the Auto in auto entrepreneur means going it alone. Would you have the possibility to go it alone, or could you become a subsidiary of the existing business.