Starting a Juice/Snack bar


I’ve been thinking about the possibility of opening a small Juice/Snack bar.
Does anyone know where to start? Any information would be highly appreciated!

Thank you!

Drop into your local chambre de commerce et d’industrie (CCI) and have a chat, that’s what they’re there for :wink:

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Thanks Andrew! :slight_smile:

You will probably need to do a CAP service /restauration rapide, you can do it via the GRETA and you are let off general subjects providing you have at least the Bac or equivalent.

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These are super popular in Canada especially in health conscious western Canada where I’m from. A very successful one is Jugo Juice - they have a great formula - they use frozen fruit (reduces waste therefore costs) and their recipes are super delicious, refreshing and healthy (even though the ingredients lists sounds crazy!!) Their smoothies are like drinking a yummy lunch! Don’t know how ambitious you are but they’re a Canadian franchise - maybe they’re looking to expand internationally? In any case, you can at least study their business model for inspiration if nothing else. Having run a successful artisan pastry business with my pastry chef partner, my advice to you before you do anything is if you do decide to go it alone, write a business plan. It doesn’t have to be an epic but it forces you to think through your idea and its feasibility. There are tons of templates short and long out there; there may likely be something specific to what you’re aiming for - find something and adapt it to your needs. It will set you up for success. I maintain if you don’t have time to write a business plan, you don’t have time to open a business. It’s a tremendous confidence booster in the dark wee hours of the night when you ask yourself why the heck you decided to do such a crazy thing - you’ll have the answer in your plan! Follow your passion but keep your eye on the numbers, it’s not volunteer work, yes? Also, have a theme song. :slight_smile: Bonne chance! Go for it!

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