Starting a Netball Association 9001

Yes! Big knickers and all! Well, not really, in fact, not at all. Having spent 8 months trudging through the teacle necessary to set up a sporting association, we're still waiting for the last little bit of puzzle to slot into place. The Bank! Sooooo nearly there! A cheque book and we're good to go.

We've found somewhere to train, Leguevin Salle Polyvalente, and have managed to attract just under 50 women so far. We train twice a week, Tuesdays and Saturdays, and we're looking to take part in some matches in the new year.

So, we just need the bank to get its A in G and we are sooo done! Any advice anyone has on running an association would be most welcome. Especially for attracting funding....! Or if you know of a local netball team we would play against, let me know!