Starting collège

(Angela Nguema) #1

hi; what are peoples’ experiences of the 6ème & what advice would you give?

(Tracy Thurling) #2

Alt 0128 on a PC

ie hold down the Alt key then type 0128

(Nikki Evans) #3

I didnt realise that I could do that, cross now because I just filled out the second form without specifying I would prefer the money not deducted from school dinners. I would have prefered to use it for trainers and jeans. Silly Mummy!!

(Angela Nguema) #4

Oh thanks for the reminder: yes, got given forms for 2 'Bourses', and asked for one to be paid directly to us, not deducted from school expenses...and no news since, so I must chase this up. the second one we didn't qualify for, being too rich (!!!)

(Nikki Evans) #5

I was surprised the bourse was used for school meals at our school, Is this always the case. I have just recieved another form from the college offering a Bourse départementale which I was unaware of but may be worth asking about as it all helps.

(Angela Nguema) #6

Ok thanks, Catharine :slight_smile:( <- this is what I get for alt2… !!)

(Catharine Higginson) #7

On my mac it is alt 2 - don’t know about pc’s?

(Catharine Higginson) #8

Hi Angela
You should get given a form asking if you want to claim for a bourse when they start school in September. If not, chase it up!

(Angela Nguema) #9

for example, found this while sifting through the last 3 months or so of unread magazines this afternoon (I translate)
“Collège grants are allocated to pupils from the 6ème to the 3ème, in public or private establishments who have signed an agreement with the State. Their amounts per year (79.71 or 220.80 or 344.85 euros) vary, depending on family income and number of children in your care. To qualify, you must ask for a Grant Application form (Dossier de Demande de Bourse) from the headteacher of the school and submit the completed application before the beginning of October”. This is separate from the Allocation de Rentrée Scolaire, apparently.

(PS could anyone tell me how I can type a euro symbol on my computer as there isn’t a key on my keyboard for this);