Starting Lycee

Hi all, my name i Amanda an i am new to this site so not sure if i am in the right forum etc?

Just wondered if there is anyone out there who can help me understand the french education system with regard to children in their last year at college and their options form thereon in. Mydaughter takes her brevet this year and will be 16 when she leaves. She was 12 and half when we moved here and desptie doing very well in school she is not intending to do an acaedemic bac as this would be far too stressful. She aspires to be a make up artist in the future and so has looked at a college in clermont ferrand which will offer the BAC professionnel (think this was the BEP?) for makeup/beauty. Anyway i looked at their website and i can see that for entry it says she must be level 3 - what is this referring to? Can she go direct to a lycee like this from college?

If anyone can help explain this to me i would be so grateful. Like all parents we want the best for her but find it so confusing. She must apply for her chosen lycee soon as competition is fierce and she would need to board there due to the distance from home.

Many thanks, Amanda

Thank you Anne, yes that does make sense now. Always such a worry when you are trying to sort out future education.


Hi, I think that they mean that she should have completed the 3ème (class that she should be in this year I guess).

The Bac Pro is a 3 year program just like the 'academic' version - if it says niveau 3ème, then this probably means that even if she were to fail the Brevet, it wouldn't matter - she just needs to have the level of being in the 3ème at Collège.

Hope that this helps,