State Pension by phone

I won’t be back in the UK till early October. I’m due my state pension early September, so I can process it now. I would rather do it by phone. What information will I need to give? Thanks, John

Hi John…
This is the government link…

and details required are clearly laid out in this other link below…

Thank you, Stella. Got it clearly now. Really much appreciated; I’m not good with bureaucracy.

My husband did his by phone- very quick and easy. Needed last employer, last UK address, NI number, my NI number the rest of the info needed was personal detail-DOB ECT. French bank details and that was about it. The lady he spoke to also contacted the dept. that supplies S1 for him and letter arrived from them a week or so later with S1’s no-one for him and one for me as his dependant.

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Thank you, Sue.