Static mobile home

I would welcome advice and information from SFN members. My cousin has a beautiful and well maintained static 4 berth caravan on a site near St Tropez, but because it is now 15 years old, he has been asked to remove it from the site.I think this is fairly normal practice on sites where they want to discourage private caravans in order to replace them with their own for which they can charge much more for rent. Well anyway, he has to remove it even though it is in such good condition and certainly doesn't look old.

He and his wife would love to resite it but they have found it difficult to find a site that would accept it. They would prefer it to be in the Aude, Pyrenees Orientale or Ariege departements but would consider other areas too. Does anyone know of possible welcoming site owners. Again they would prefer to discuss this situation with a site owner/manager who can speak English as neither speaks much French, but, of course, would find a way to discuss it with a non-English speaker.

Thanks for any help you can give.