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Hi I am wondering if you can help? Going bonkers over this as my french is poor. A year ago I joined an association which enabled me to sell paintings which I would like to and also exhibit. It is now in liquidation.

I wrote a thread concerning this before but my situation is slightly different now.

Now I would like to now join the Maison des artistes. I wondered if anyone would be willing to help me with understanding the procedure for joining. I phoned them and vaguely understood that I needed to send a facture for my first sale. But I do not know how to get a siret number or do they give you one if you are accepted as a member?

Would anyone be willing to exchange email so I could have communication regarding joining the Maison des artistes?

As I am only likely to sell occasionally (though I have increasing interest and have been offered a place to exhibit for next year, and now have an interested gallery) will I have to pay huge cotisations?

Just for information is there any other less complicated statue that would accept artistes?

Thanks in advance for help

There’s a step by step explanation here - can you understand this? With a bit of help from Mr Google? is URSSAF’s explanation of what you have to do, nice and clear. is the government website’s explanation, comes to the same thing but put differently and more detail.
Basically, first, you need a siret number in order to legally be able to sell your work. You obtain this via URSSAF by declaring your activity to them. MdA doesn’t issue siret numbers.
Then as soon as you have sold anything (for which you need to issue a sales invoice with your siret on it), you have to join MdA either as an affiliée or as an assujettie, depending how much you earn from selling your paintings; from what you’ve said you would probably be an assujettie. You declare your income from sales to MdA and pay cotisations based on that.
That’s all there is to it really. Your social security and healthcover isn’t tranferred to MdA unless you earn over around 8k a year, so nothing changes. Simply, this is the mechanism you need to have in place as an artist so that you can sell paintings and pay cotisations on your earnings.

Hope this helps


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Thankyou Anna that is so helpful!

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Thanks! Very helpful link and yes with mr Google I will get there!