Stay European, do you think they have a chance?

I’ve been receiving emails from this group almost since they started. They seem very well organised but I do wonder how much effect they have.
The last big rally/demo in London was well attended they said and they made a big thing about it, but I searched all the news bulletins on the day, and not a dicky bird.
I wish them well, and if I lived in London would take part, but do wonder if it will make any difference.
Anyway, for those of you who live in England ( and I note that the transport is exclusively English) and fancy it, here are the details. i would be interested to hear from anyone who does. :grinning:

There are still places on the coaches from around the country to join the National Rejoin March in London next Saturday! (23 September.)

We highly recommend travelling by coach: it’s cheaper than the train, and builds up local group organisation and networks as you travel and march together with others from your area.

Some coaches have already sold out. Book now, before the rest fill up:

Calling at: Bath, Swindon
More info and book

More info and book

Calling at: Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Burford
More info and book

Calling at: Exeter, Honiton, Plymouth, Tiverton, Totnes
More info and book

Calling at: Hereford, Ledbury
More info and book

Calling at: Ipswich, Woodbridge
More info and book

Calling at: Leeds, M1 (Junction 38), Sheffield
More info and book

More info and book

More info and book

Calling at: Manchester, East Didsbury, Lymm Services (M6), Keele Services (M6)
More info and book

Calling at: Norwich, Diss, Thetford
More info and book

Calling at: Penzance, Falmouth, Truro, Victoria Services (A30), Launceston
More info and book

Calling at: Poole, Bournemouth, Southampton
Sold out! More info

More info and book

Calling at: Stratford, Warwick
More info and book

More info and book

Calling at: York, Wetherby
More info and book


‘Flogging a dead horse’ comes to mind.


I think it makes sense to show support for the cause - now that many more support rejoining (60%>40%) it is a method of indicating to govt that the majority no longer want Brexit.


100%. It is going to take a constant drumbeat of activity from the day the UK left until the day it rejoins. It’s going to be a long and difficult and exhausting journey but inaction will immediately be seized on by ‘the establishment’ (I hate saying things like that, it sounds so tinfoil hat) as an excuse to keep the status quo. The tories already lie blatantly nonstop with their ‘will of the people’ type stuff, if you listened to the way they have spoken virtually since the result was announced you’d think 90% of the UK population of voting age voted for brexit ‘the country spoke and we delivered’ etc etc etc. Without these organisations making noise and doing this stuff the needle will never move and nothing will ever change. A rally to rejoin won’t get the UK to rejoin, but no rally to rejoin will cement the status quo.


The irony is I will be in France. I went to many of the previous rallies supporting staying in the EU and some were huge.

Me too, and I even got to speak to Fatboy Slim at the last one… Well he said, “Excuse me, mate” as he squeezed past me. I think that means we’re good friends now :grin:


Well if we are going to name drop :blush: I was walking alongside Bob Geldof for several miles :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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That would have been much funnier if it had been The Proclaimers :rofl:


As a realist, this will make no difference until a mainstream political party (ie Labour) takes notice and changes it’s current stance on membership of the EU.

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Sad to say I do agree with you and have given up trying to influence the LibDems on this point. But they will never be any use while they and Labour continue to fight each other and let the Tories in. I fear that Mid-Bedforshire will be a sad continuation of all that is bad with FPTP.

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I am paying particular attention to this by-election as I will be voting in it.

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I just wonder what planet conservative voters live on, or are they just the brain dead " I’ve always voted conservative"

I just hope LibDems pull out of this two horse race.

Well done… that’s got me bursting into song… :wink:

I’m so sorry - it’s not the best earworm, is it?


Don’t apologize… it’s great… in my head I can see them performing on tv when this first came out… :rofl:

I wonder exactly where they’d have ended up…


Perhaps Labour being unable to agree on the definition of “woman” is making them wonder how effective a government they could form.

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I heard all that baloney on the news this morning. What are they taking, I ask myself.

Then the next item was Starmer talking closely with EU ministers… Fine by me, but concentrate on this Kier, and not worry about erasing biological feminine words - instead, use the time and effort to create a customs union.

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I suspect he’s not worried about that at all, it’s just that culture war is the only tool left in the Tory war chest so they’re desperate to set that up as the narrative, aided by the hard right elements of the press like the Daily Mail and Daily Express.

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