Staying in Aude / Ariege

Hi folks,

I hope you are all well. We have just had a long weekend in Ireland, and the rain continues...sometimes I wonder if we should be thinking of somewhere further south then S France (perhaps Africa???) for weather if we are leaving here...

Our house is up for sale finally. And I am planning a trip down to Aude in October. Unfortunately, as I browse for suitable accommodation, my browser has decided I should only be interested in 2-3 sites to find a gite or apartment.

So my Question is, (if I am allowed to ask for blatant information admins) do any of you have or know someone who has a gite near the following places:

Lagrasse, Tuchan, Couiza, Limoux, Mirepoix or anywhere in between. I am looking for a rental for 2-3 weeks, and will be alone for most of it.

Also, if any of you are interested in a coffee or lunch please PM me, I would be delighted to stand you lunch in return for your knowledge and experience of living in those areas. (I am very aware that it is your own experience, but that counts for a lot in my book, I can get facts online officially, and here)

Many many thanks, I have not been on here much of late, as putting a new business and a house on the market is swallowing up most of my time.

Last Q - what kind of temps can I expect? Light cardigan weather, or woolly jumpers??

Have a great week, or rest of week!

Fair enough Celeste - point taken. I may need more than a carry on bad then lol.

If I am heading into Carcassonne, I will definitely let you know, and let's see if we can organise a cuppa with Sheila.

Interesting about the immobiliers - didn't realise there would be so many english speaking - I suppose they are there to cater for a large market

Impossible to predict the weather Elaine! However, last October was sunny and warm according to the photos I took back then - we went on a picnic to Villerouge. In terms of what clothes to pack (presume you are coming from Dublin or Cork via Ryanair?), I would bring one pair of jeans, and a couple of pairs of cotton trousers, light tops, one jumper/cardie and perhaps one fleece. If you were unlucky with the weather, and it turns out to be cold, you can at least layer up.

Re accommodation, I can advise easiest over the phone. I have sent you a private message with my phone number, but as I have free calls from France to Ireland, I could call you if you like? I have a couple of ideas for you.


Forgot to mention I am looking for english speaking (of any nationality) Immobliers or estate agents that I can contact in advance of my trip. I think I can research english notaires online, remember doing that before.

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for reply. I am looking for self contained accommodation so I can cook, work etc. Preferably a Gite, as I don't want to be stuck in an apartment in a big town somewhere - rather a small place where I can meet locals, inc english speaking :)

I plan for Oct (from 6th for 3 weeks, so imagine it wont be 30 degrees!!) But wondering typically is it low 20s or more like mid teens?

Thanks ever so much!

Hi Elaine. I am living in Lagrasse, and there are several gites for rent here, and in the neighbouring villages/towns, including Fabrezan, St. Laurent, St. Pierre. We do a bit of B&B in between the painting course holidays.

Will be more than happy to meet up with you if you are in this area. Can't advise on temps until I know what date you are planning to come over. Currently today it is dry, sunny and temperature expected to reach 30 degrees (in the shade!). Last September, it was sunny and hot.

Let me know what other information you want.