Sterling plummeting

If the markets don’t like it this is what’s called a hint.

However usually it takes something like 2% or 3% move for us to know what the markets think.

What did we lose? About 10%? so far

I think we can call this a strong hint.

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I would be very interested to know if any steps were taken to challenge this too.

However it has always beggared belief that somehow the British government has withstood legal challenges right up to European level, to their refusal to provide the standard annual pension increase to any pensioner who happens to be living outside of a very narrow list of countries or the UK. I have no idea how they can have got away with this but so far, they have. Which I woild regard as cruelty quite apart from any legality or unfairness.

@KarenLot …i know it seems strange as it is not really a discretionary purchase is it (!) … but here’s the answer in the FT

One of Germany’s best-known toilet paper brands, Düsseldorf-based Hakle, has already filed for insolvency, blaming soaring energy prices, high pulp prices, transport costs and the strength of the dollar.

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Well the last thing we need is a run on toilet paper

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Don’t worry - if the pound keeps sliding at its present rate we won’t be able to afford toilet paper soon.

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People will be using £50 notes for wiping their arse!


Or leafs

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Looking rather like the perfect storm. How on earth can a government get it so wrong. Markets voting very clearly, and I’m just amazed at the lack of intelligent foresight. Yet another reason for feeling very very pleased I made the move to France when I did! The instability and uncertainty in the UK has been absolutely dreadful since the whole Brexit saga kicked off. So so pleased to be out of all that!

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First, a parody

Then an analysis by Max

In the comments, someone suggested selling Sterling and buying Pork bellies :slightly_smiling_face:

Autumn is a-coming. Only prickly leaves left to use or as I used to say living in Bretagne, we could always use the cauliflower leaves, they are nice and big.

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Thank you @graham . Now I’m feeling hungry for cheese :yum:

Also she is the Member for Stroud, which will not be too pleased that there is no investment in green energy companies and insulating houses.

I recommend the Weekend FT. Useful for all purposes

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Whatever you do, don’t use the Mail or Express. If you do, you’ll end up dirtier than you started.


Is that where the Black Bottom dance of the 20’s came from?

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Agree lack of intelligence, no need to announce 19% tax band yet or say ‘more is coming’ at the weekend, enhancing 2.5% GBP/EUR drop at 1am Monday. Commentators saying ‘basic schoolboy error’ or ‘what grade A-level economics’?

Though… we’re only out of it if we’ve no pensions or other income from blighty and no £ savings - which I think you are? I think you’re dollared up? :slight_smile:

You mentioned it’s all cyclical - good point, when we arrived in December 2020 to secure our WA rights I recall GBP / EUR was about 1.10 and I wasn’t wailing - that was what it was, wouldn’t have stopped me moving.

so here we are again…

… except lidl chickens now 6 euro not 4.50.

C’est la vie.

In this thread we’re assuming the UK government is merely incompetent - but we shouldn’t exclude the alternative view that they’re crashing the £ deliberately, as I mentioned in another thread:

EDIT - Discussion of this very point just appeared in The Guardian:

And of course. there’s yet another alternative explanation, alongside incompetence or forcing cuts: corruption.


It smells suspiciously like , illegal ,insider dealing/trading.