Still Lifes

Thanks Stuart... :)

Beautiful Karen.

Another still life…playing around with light, backgrounds and ‘stuff’

I really, really like the pea Neil. Stunning.

I think it's the same on the whole site. There is a group of "core" members regularly contributing. I know I should a bit more, but I'm so damned busy :(

Bit on the quiet side-suprising when there are so many members.

No worries - I'm only messing! is it just me or is not a lot happening on here?

Thanks, just a blue sheet of paper and taken outside on the terrace in full sun with a bit of white paper filling in light bottom right.

I'm with Mike on that one, love the backdrop.

I never saw the reply, sorry.

Neil, hedgerow flowers photo is fantastic. Looks like natural lighting with blue backdrop? Must tell me how you photographed it, please.


hedgerow flowers


LOL it only you and I on these sites? So, you get the same reply :

Actually no, the room was fairly bright but this is set up in a dark-ish corner. So I added light from the right with an angle poise lamp with a daylight bulb (wot I use for my art innit ;P. I pointed the lamp more forward than at the composition itself...and then opened the door on the left and put on the hall light. That's it really! :D

Hi Karen

And you get the same reaction. I love the lighting; all natural?

Set this up as part of a challenge I was taking part in on Facebook…