Still Lifes

Please post your still life images here

Lanneplaa, France.

3 photo HDR

ready for takeoff

you looki’n at me?

Simple and elegant.

Is this a![](upload://77JuWcGKjhhMDGJzKL2gaCYFlcV.jpg) still life?

Photo shot as RAW with no cropping. I try to limit cropping, normally. Edited in Lightroom and added vignettes.

again, superb Mike... I guess this is hi-res enough to zoom into that 'top' bead and crop as a separate pic?

Just using trusty 105mm @ f/5.6 (and it was raining). Couldn't show the water near the edge. One day I will try Photoshop (used Lightroom 4). Thanks for compliment.

Lovely Mike. Same technique?

Banana tree leaf

That's a nice shot Mike.

Peyrehorade, Fr

Beautiful Downtown Dax.

Not so many of these around this year.