Still on Orange Livebox 2? Get a Livebox 4!

When we move to our rural house 16 months ago we discovered that the broadband signal was so weak that the Livebox 3 did not work and the engineer who had come out gave us an old Livebox 2. This problem has been fixed with the Livebox 4. Orange gave us a call out of the blue and said the 4 should give us improved performance - and so it has! I tested the speeds in May last year - the signal was ca 520 kbps. When I tested before fitting the 4 box it had increased to ca 730 kbps with much improved up-speed too. On fitting the new box yesterday it was immediately ca 1.13 mbps and overnight it has increased to 1.32 mbps.
Mind you, it has gone back to thinking we are in Corsica rather than the Vaucluse - anyone got any thoughts on that?

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No ideas on the Livebox…

But we are longing to return to Corsica for a holiday …perhaps your Livebox is really a Transporter (as in Dr Who) and you simply need to push the right buttons to take off…:relaxed:

(now that would make me change my internet setup)

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Very slow speeds Alan!

Did you ever get this resolved? Hope things are up to speed (pun intended, sorry!) now.