Still Smiling :)

Today when my hubby got up to have a shower he complained there was no hot water. This is a common occurance in our home in France when EDF decide to cut off the power & since everything is electric - no power = no hot water (well very quickly it runs cold). Or it could be the tank is full of calcaire another common occurance in our region of ridiculously hard water. But it’s neither of these today. We’re not in France.

We’re in a relatively new build block of apartments in London & we’re renting. So what do we do? As I said before, my last experience like this was at university. This time I call the management company and they send someone up, friendly chap called Colin, he’s here by mid-day has a look & concludes it’s the elements - both of them have ‘gone’ apparently. Much sucking of teeth - plumber stylee and he says reluctantly that it won’t be quick as they don’t have them in stock, they’d have to go to Essex. Well it’s not like it’s blinking syberia or something - Essex is like minutes away judging by all the Essex accents I hear around here. He says call the landlord as “it won’t be cheap” and they are very busy for a few days.

Great stuff - I call him, it’s the last week of the UK tax year and he is very busy, he will see what he can do. O.K. I’ll just wait then with no hot water for a while. No problem. He’s emailed my hubby and said it can’t be fixed till Tuesday - was he scared I’d rage down the phone at him?

So we have no hot water till Tuesday. That’s 5 days with NO hot water (except using the kettle, bathtimes could take hours then). At least my hubby can pop down and use the pool showers in the morning (this will remind him of our last UK renovation when he had no bathroom for 2 months) ok for him, but I’m not sure I can take the rubber ducks and matey down into the pool area with the girls!

I know we’ll manage and I guess I’d better use it as a trial run for our next renovation project.

Big Smile, at least this time we’re not paying for the repair bill :slight_smile:

Thanks Anne Marie. My hubby is doing some consultancy work in the UK, our French IT work is a bit slow and insufficient to live off in the long term. So whilst the kids are young we’re travelling back & fro so we don’t all miss each other too much. The first 6m he was in Ireland & Germany which was a fun time (see my past blogs). Now we’re part time London big city, part time les petites anglaises. One thing is for certain…wherever we are, there’s always something going on and I wouldn’t have it any other way :slight_smile:

I really love reading your comments, dont stop, I dont often reply or comment but I DO like reading :slight_smile:
Why are you living in 2 countries? I must have missed the begining of your little stories lol