Stone Repair

My shutters are fixed with bolts into stone.
In a couple of places the stone has cracked and fallen off exposing about half of the plug that the bolts are fixed into.

Can someone recommend a product to repair the stone?

If you still have the pieces that have fallen away it is possible to glue them back into place by using an exterior grade contact adhesive that comes in a cartridge. It is however necessary to first construct some sort of cradle or support to take the weight of the piece to be glued during the time that it takes for the adhesive to fully cure. I have done this successfully myself after a mini-digger knocked a corner off a substantial stone at the side of a barn door.

Chem-fix will go off very quickly in this heat which is not necessarily a good thing, close the shutter and use a wedge in between that and the stone to ensure a good bond.

We had the same issue on all of our ground floor shutters. The stone had cracked where the shutter pins had rusted.

We have replaced the stones and used new shutters pins. We had about 8 to do initially…

This is the best photo I can find of the before (in this instance not to bad):

The exact issue that I have is below:

…and this is what our local brico recommended:

repair lasted 2 days - the ciment does not bond properly to the stone.

Looks like it’s time to replace the stone to me for a permanent solution.

The stones that would need replacing are about 25 - 30 feet high, so I’ll leave that option to someone else!

Wow I dont blame you!

Have you considered consulting a local stonemason (tailleur des pierres) to see if it’s possible to cut out a section and replace it ?

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Thanks. I’ll bear that in mind in case my temporary does n’t last long.
Luckily I have a few stones left behind by the builders.