Hello everyone,

I am coming over to live in the Aubeterre area on the 29th of July. Yeah

A really kind lady is letting me rent her Gite for a few months but there isn't any room for my things to be shipped to as it's furnished.

Does anyone know of a space that would be suitable cos I am a bit desperate now.

Thank you,


Sorry Carolynne - that sounded confusing didn't it. No, I meant I'd posted your request on another group I know with ladies all round that area. Maybe someone knows someone who knows someone. I will let you know if I get any responses.

Hi,thank u for the offer - so kind of u, will keep it in mind!!

U mentioned that a couple of other options might be useful but I can't see what they are.????

Hopefully you'll hear from members living in the Aubeterre region but I thought a couple of other options might be useful. Push comes to shove, definitely leave some at mine but you'll have a 2 hour truck drive.

Thank you Valerie,

I am not having everything shipped over so I don't need lots of space.

Also, I won't need it for ages so I won't keep pestering people.

Hiya. I'm too far away obviously but have passed your request on to some ladies I know. Will let you know if anyone has ideas.