Storm damage and claim procedure

having recently suffered some serious damage due to the storm and flooding in the Languedoc 12 September and observing the tragedy over the weekend on the Riviera.

I am curious as to how the Registration and Compensation works when a Catastrophe Natural is declared. Is the money paid out by the government and/or the insurance companies?

Does anyone have any experience of this is ther an appeal process etc

did you have to notify your Maire and register your 'loss' or did you just contact your Insurance company?

We were here in 1999 when the storm damage was caused by a hurricane and it was declared a disaster by the government. We lost our roof and needed a complete replacement.In our situation we still worked with the insurance company. Our insurance required us to notify them within 5 days at the time. Their expert was with us within the week and I had the money for the repairs in the bank before the end of the month! I know some people had longer waits but I am sure the insurance companies paid the client and then claimed back their money for things which would not normally be covered by the policy holder, from the government.

Of course that was nearly 16 years ago and things may have changed but that was my experience at the time.

miraculously corrected thank you James!

sorry for the lower case must stop late night posts!