Storms forecast for tonight (Sunday 10th)

James, you are Michael Fish and I claim my 5€.

Absolutely calm here in Southern 40 last night. False alarm or did it hit elsewhere?

Oh lovely. Just checked the forecast and they've added hailstones and lightning to the gale force winds. Don't look for me tomorrow - I'll be working offline under the desk. Might send The Kid to school in a crash helmet. They won't let them outside during break time anyway which is reassuring.

Forecasting wind for all of western France and coastal flooding as there is a high tidal cooefficient for tonight and tomorrow. Batten down the hatches!

We are 500km south Shirley, about an hour east of Bordeaux, & it's just grey & overcast with no wind to speak of-there are coastal warnings on Weather Live. However, on the BBC Weather App for Libourne (nearest they come to us-about 40 minutes NW) it does say 43mph winds tomorrow so tomorrow morning could be interesting.

A 16 heures dimanche, l'organisme public a placé douze départements en vigilance orange : Finistère, Morbihan, Loire-Atlantique, Vendée, Charente-Maritime, Gironde, Landes, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Bouches-du-Rhône, Var et Corse du Sud sont en alerte «vagues-submersion», tandis que la Haute-Corse est en alerte en raison des vents forts.

Richard, The white high clouds are building from the SW as I write this now. I’m In the Sarthe. Just a little NW of Le Mans.
the White is going grey s the sun sets out of my vision because of buildings.

My weather app is by Appalon, and except for a couple of glitches that were sorted, quickly I’ve found it a very accurate and reliable app that I’ve had several months. Being an ex sailor, well (in)competent crew :slight_smile: I like watching the weather and the app puts out storm warnings, precipitation. Well you name it it’s got it on Weather Radar. Weather Live has the GP’s facility on it, any of the option boxes I cared to tick when setting all up. I have a coup,e of alternative places also listed, where friends live, so I can see how their weather is doing! I think it cost a few euros, not a fortune. I opted for the triple choice, Weather Live, Weather Radar. And the 3rd might have been alarm clock, so came as a whole package in the end all for the iPad on IOS.

But yes it looks grimmer more south of us and north to UK direction than where I am on the radar weather picture. All colour coded as to severity. Just watching the projected track of the low system, I think Britanny will not get the heavy storms. I prefer to look at the isobars to get an idea of how windy it will be. If v close together it’s windy, the further start, the less the wind. Hope that helps!


I presume they also do for other OS.

Is this for ALL of the west coast of France? I'm in central Brittany, and we get winds constantly here. Are we in for a fun-filled night?

I hope they arrive/d safely.

I know what it’s like to be out in a gale in a yacht with force 6+ wind! force 6 is deemed to be ‘a yachtsman gale’. No fun being tossed from side to side, its the effects of wind on the sea and waves that makes it dangerous for small boats! Especially if you have wind over tide and the force of nature will win!

The ferry should win out though, being bigger, heavier and with huge engines and propellers!

It wa on my weather app for my village yesterday morning Roger and yes the warning and time of the thunderstorm (late afternoon early evening)) Were totally correct. The Lashing rain, and high winds followed, lasted all night and this morning. Currently no wind, to go with conditions in my 1st reply to James,before this answer!

We had it here last night, noisy but no loss of electricity or Internet. At about 1530 today the sun came out, cloud broken out blue sky and some light fluffy cloud. But I think we are in for a drenching again tomorrow and Tuesday, but from forecast watching BBC weather looks to be icy here also, early Wednesday morning due to dropping temperatures!

I have friends on the "Baie de Seine" ferry, just now approaching Bilbao. They have been in a force 10 gale, which is heading this way!

It is nothing more than we have had the last couple weeks, so all that was loose is already gone! :slight_smile:
Seriously though… It is always windy here on my little hill in Cléder… And only 8km from the coast too so we are used to a fair bit of wind.

Nothing on my weather app so it won't happen-such faith!!!

We're on a hill, trees have been trimmed or felled & we have new roof for house & barn + I'm an optimist so no worries.

I'll let you know if that's justified-ho ho...

Yep, ran around yesterday putting anything "flyable" away and securing the driveway gates in case they get flung open. I hate the strong winds though because I panic about the roof, trees falling on power cables etc - things that you can't protect against. But then I'm one of those expect the worst then be happy if/when you come out the other side type of people.

Apparently we had a storm as far in land as Burgundy, but as my bedroom is on the east side of the house, I didn’t hear a thing.

Crumbs! We are on a hill top so no floods but aaaarrrrggghhhh the stormy winds doth blow. Thank you for the warning, we shall lash the cat to the decking (just kidding, she'll be safe by the fire tonight)