Storms forecast for tonight (Sunday 10th)

Looks like we are in for a battering, high winds hitting the West coast this evening, gusting up to 140km/h.

Are you ready?

Hurricane Klaus damage 2009

We had very high winds all yesterday afternoon and throughout the night, but calm now. We are waiting fir it to become cold.

High winds, rain and large hail stones here last night!

Needless to say, a couple of hours later (and on-and-off since then), we had a nasty but short-lived storm pass over (through?)...

Dogs (fair-weather types - well, the owners are, today anyway! ;-) :-D ) aren't getting a walk today...


Thanks Chris. SNAFU then?

According to Meteofrance you can look forward to a dry, cold weekend! Today is Monday though so in reality prepare for all eventualities…

Same here, about 100 k south of you, I guess. I'm thinking of taking my wife (birthday treat) to a nice hotel in La Rochelle for the weekend. Anyone know what the chances are of a rain free couple of days on the west coast? Don't mind cold or brisk wind,

It’s passing over here now on Sarthe, 2pm. Got the bits of blue sky, lighter cloud and a bit of sun. Wind dropped. I can turn the lights off now!

It's really blowing here now-had hailstones, wind howling & blowing down the chimney. The dog's sat next to me-he doesn't like it & neither do I!

I much prefer it when James does his Michael Fish bit but in reverse. We had a windy hour around midnight but we’ve woken to a breezy, bright, sunny day. Pays Basque (64).

Currenty in Cahors with light breeze an blue skies

I'm in Charente Maritime too Chris. Yes, Valkyrie type weather - Donner, Blitzschlag und sehr starker wind!

It started to blow but thankfully it missed us

Lots of rain-pool in the barn (!) guttering fixed aoon, but now windy & sunny here in the Gironde

Thunder and lightning and V strong winds here in Charente Maritime this morning.

Wind picking up here now 10.30. Broken cloud, blue sky bit of sun, at 9 - now all gon & V grey o/cast.
Pressure 979. 20km wind wind gone almost due due south from SW yesterday. 65% chance of rain - all on the Live Weather App.


Likewise here in Lot-et-Garonne... Bit of a breeze today, but bright and sunny!

Oh - just heard there's a chance of a snowfall this coming weekend!!

Fair enough!