Strange antics of a Sparrow(?)

She might be picking off small insects that have landed on the glass. We have an army of small birds that hover on our house windows picking off tiny insects, especially in early spring.

Now, after swooping down towards the bird bar and swerving midflight because of the arrival of a Tit and a Robin, she discovered that she could see herself in the rear window of the Berlingo too. Furthermore she realised that she could perch on the wiper to peck at the glass and save the effort of hovvering.

But she still went round the corner to do the usual back and forth from the branch. Still doing it now. :rofl:

Edit: She has been perched on the wiper again but instead of pecking at the image she has been seemingly admiring it and moves from side to side in concert with it. Fascinating, I must try and get this camera sorted out.


Failed again with the trail cam. Sat there all day and I know it was switched on but, nothing. I’ll have to read the manual again but I’m all technologied out this week, what with the internet radio and all. :roll_eyes:

When I first bought it it didn’t go well and I gave a bad review. This resulted in tearful pleading by the ‘chat’ lady saying she would be thrown out of her job and onto the street (China, live/work factory presumably) if I didn’t give it at least 4 stars. To help with this she sent another one, free with no return, so I have two. At the same time she sent a solar charger which I have never got round to using. Maybe time to try the other one. :thinking:

Meanwhile. Our lovesick Chaff is back on the rear screen wiper preening herself. :joy:

David and technology :yum::laughing:



To be fair it turned out a simple fix :smiley: :smiley:


:rofl: :rofl: On the contrary, I understand that picture perfectly, I can see Gt. Britain and Ireland, Norway and a whole host of other stuff including what looks a bit like a cb radio, 2nd down on the left. :thinking:

But I know alot more about stuff than this daft Chaffinch does. She came right up to my window a couple of minutes ago picking up the odd seed from the terrasse, before flying straight back to the wiper. Then she turned and looked directly at me for a moment, her face seems a little ruddy in colour now, could she be embarrassed? :astonished: :rofl:

Right that’s it, I’ve been out with a damp sponge and removed the shitty marks and also the marks she makes with her beak on the window, also moved the wiper outboard. I wasn’t sure, because I didn’t actually see the way the black was put on (inside or out) all those years ago, if she was doing damage or not.

She hadn’t, but I have, as I was rubbing, the last remaining Citroen chevron fell off. :roll_eyes: