Strange but true!

As one of my friends was fond of saying “there’s nowt so queer as folks” … what do you think ?

So maybe I’ll cancel my appointment at the Clinic…

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I would just say… these guys are not on my list of gorgeous men…:neutral_face: but, we are all different… and if they are happy with their looks, fair enough.

True Stella, but give me a real man, wrinkles, warts and all rather than a plasticised model. :wink:

OH tells me my “wrinkles” are just laughter lines…:heart_eyes: isn’t he a sweetie…

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Apparently they suffer from acromegaly. Surely nobody would be so silly as to pay someone to make them look awful (or would they, I’m thinking Bride of Wildenstein, Michael Jackson, a whole load of other tragic freaky-looking deluded people probably with major psychological problems driving their behaviour).

Having known someone, once a handsome man, afflicted by acromegaly I have seen what a distressing condition this is. It certainly looks like acromegaly. Were it the result of elective cosmetic treatment then the surgeon should be ashamed.

Perhaps this a melange of the two things… the medical condition with plastic surgery to “moderate” the deformities…

To me, these acromegalic men look unusual but certainly striking, and not at all frightening or repellant. Their expressions are full of good humour, they look at ease, and project friendliness. I can imagine that “in the flesh” they would be good company, I can understand their popularity, and admire them…

It’s easy to underestimate the challenges that people with facial anomalies and 'disfigurements; have to cope with, and what strength of character they have to muster to handle the revulsion and fear of other people in everyday life.

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Funny they both got it.

They are twins… fraternal rather than monozygotic, but that still increases their chances of sharing a condition fairly dramatically.