Strange email from Nigel

Had an email yesterday from someone called Nigel and appearing to be assuming to be known to me. Just wondered if it was someone here, though SF wasn’t mentioned, and thought I would ask @Nigel-at-BUF-House if he was the author before deleting it. :smiley:

Hi David - not me!

Thanks Nigel, I thought not as you would be more likely to contact me here first.

It was nothing serious, just someone who purported to know my Merchant Navy background and was asking advice, but the only people who would know that are few and far between and not called Nigel. But I had to be sure.

I’ll delete it unanswered now. :grinning:

I think that’s wise.

Anyone can read the revealing details we post online, in all trusting friendship. Nefarious readers can pick up on some small detail and try using it to ‘fish’. Costs them nothing but time and can cost you plenty.

Stay safe!

Gone now, but if it was spam I doubt it was generated from here, there is an ongoing discussion on the drivers’ forum including several who like me also had a sea going career. But no Nigels there. :smiley:

And if it was genuine he will maybe make contact there but with more info.