Strange French response

Can anyone explain this response to a question please?

I have ordered 2 Seresto anti parasitic collars for my dogs from Amazon. Now I know these are the same as the one I bought for Jules last year but the length was confusing, 40 cms. OK for Opie but Jules’ neck is already that size without allowing for the recommended slack, so I asked the question, and here it is along with the puzzling answer:

“comment peut une longueur de 40 cms etre assez d’un grand chien avec un cou plus que ca?”

Client d’Amazon a répondu :

“Mettre le chien au régime”

The penny has just dropped, cheeky bugger. :rofl:


That’s one direct and to the point answer :laughing:

Creased me up about the slimming. :rofl: I looked up the Seresto collar on google, and after reading about it just now I have ordered one from Amazon Fr. I go in the Forest daily with my dog and it will be invaluable as protection against ticks. I have a tick removal kit but you cant always spot the blighters before they have a feast. So thanks for an opportune post.

Have you measured your dog’s neck? I was surprised by the claim that the collar was suitable for all dogs aboive 8 kgs, but then gave the length as 40 cms, which is Jule’s neck size. But I bought this for him last year so reckon it is ok but the measurents seem stange that’s all. Especially as they give height and width sizes too, for a collar. :astonished: Even more bizarre is that those latter 2 are 24 and 26 cms. Very strange.

I have a teckel so hes small, I have ordered the one up to 28 cm. I measured his collar and I am well within the size limit. Cheers.

I’ve had a few more replies, 2 which say the collar is 70 cms long and one of those says it says so on the back of the tin. What use is that, it needs to be on the site, anyway as I said I have ordered as it was ok last year but can’t understand the lack of clarity.

I think a smaller one would be ok for Opie, she is 28 like yours but I ordered 2 the same as thay normally need cutting down anyway.

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I was bemused by the measurements myself as there is nothing to see on the amazon site for comparison so I have to hope for the best,I bought a harness lead earlier this year and on that site listing it gave the sizes and the common breeds to relate to those sizes, which made choosing less daunting. I think if the lead is to short you could possibly fix it below her normal collar with 3 or 4 pop rivets and remove the buckle part?

Or maybe attach the piece I will have to cut off Opie’s, but I am sure it will be ok unless they have made a mistake in saying that I bought the exact same thing this time last year.

I’ll know by Thursday. :wink: :grinning:

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Just had this from the makers:

“Avant d’acheter, mesurez le tour de cou du chien avec une sangle pour rester proche de la réalité du collier. Si cela dépasse les 40 cm, prévoir le lot à 2 colliers pour pouvoir dépasser les 40 cm, 2x 40cm vous donne une plus grande marge de fixation.”

You’d think they’d mention that on the site rather than just OK for all dogs above 8kgs. Good job I already ordered the 2.