Strange Fruit (1)

Thought I’ve give you all a laugh as I know so little. Somehow I seem to have accidentally grown some grapes? Never before seen on the property and not planted by us.

Normally I hack down the vegetation round this old concrete citerne/cesspit/

whatever. But had let it go last year in the drought and this year in the rain.

First time ever seen on the property are these really grapes? edible? they are quite small, seems some on the grappes dried already?


They look like the ones on my old grapevine (wild), I rarely get to taste them as the birds get there first but this year they lasted a bit longer but eventually dried up. I did taste a couple, not good. I suppose the drought is to blame, but everything else is growing apace.

The leaves look like Vitis genus but identifying the species or sub-species is a minefield. With any luck, they might be a table grape variety. Give them until late August/early September and taste them. If the seeds are green, they are still unripe. If the seeds are brown, you are good to go. If they are sweet, then you have part of several desserts :slight_smile:
Grape vines that grow from seed are notoriously difficult to identify. Grape vines are generally grown from cuttings - in which case they tend to reproduce the characteristics of the parent plant. Vines grown from seed have the habit of reverting to the characteristics of ONE of their ancestors, so often are much different to their parent.
Have fun with your vine !