Strange Fruit (2)

Whilst picking blackberries in hedgerows locally I found lots of these red things that appeared in bunches about 2 weeks ago.

i know the blackberries are OK, but wondering are these wild redcurrants. I adore redcurrant jelly and would love to make some - if they’re not some poisonous fruit that looks like them

The orange oval things look like hawthorne - or at any rate poisonous - so I’ve ignored those.

But so I can mark my calendar for next year (they’ll have dried up by now)

are these really redcurrants?

Difficult to say ! It’s not easy to see the berries and the leaves in order to identify them. I have a rule never to eat anything I can’t identify.

The bright red berries could be a viburnum, in which case I would steer very well clear of it.

The grapes, on the other hand, look very good.

I think the Pharmacy will identify things… if you take in a sample…

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You’re joking Karen… ?

Take a closer photo and use google lens to match it to whatever is on googles list.

Eek… could well also be bryony! Don’t touch it but take a close up photo of a leaf that leads to a berry. (Google lens can make mistakes)


Looks like Bryony. Although it could be either bryonia dioica or tamus communis. They are both poisonous though.

To misquote the saying about mushrooms… All fruits are edible but some only once.


Ok, expanded and sent to Google and Google Lens a few times.

Results all over the place. But very, very few possibilites seem edible.

So just not worth the risk.

Thank you very much all.

(At least there’s more likelihood I’m fine with the grapes I put up as the other strange fruit…)

Ta again, all

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Or make some jam and give it to someone you don’t care for, and see what happens.


I wasn’t going to say that…

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Anonomously. And don’t touch the fruit or anything else. DNA. :roll_eyes:


Here is a guide, follow at your own risk… The Universal Edibility Test | Outdoor Survival Skills

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Hi @KarenLot - think you have your answer on the red berries. Avoid.
However, the orange oval ones could be Rosehips ??
In which case great for jelly or cordial with very high Vitamin C.
Again google and use picture search to verify.

These are rosehips (cynorrhodon in French if you didn’t know)

There are also a lot of escaped raspberry canes making a bid for world domination.

And itching powder :joy:

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And for itchy derrières - le gratte-cul in French.

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Have you come across a jam company who make gratte-cul and couille du pape jam, among others?

Yes, the orange ones could be a variety of things.

When I was a baby rosehip syrup/cordial was the thing, administered in a baby’s bottle for Vitamin C apparently. My grapes (on the other Strange Fruit thread) have indeed turned out to be grapes with wonderful juice just between sweet and tart.

The skins are tasty but thick, and they have serious pips also like grapes when I was a kid. Hence me squeezing them for the juice. I do like the skins but suspect they might have a laxative effect if I ate too

Thanks for all the advice. I went back to look at the red berries sadly, and think those that said briony probably were closest.

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