Strange goings-on

I moved last year and resiliated my fixed phone line in Brittany. My son just rang the old number out of curiosity to see if it had been re-allocated and my landline phone here rang with him on it. Very odd as here I have a new number beg with 09, the regional code is 04 and my previous regional code was 02. Not sure whether to leave well alone as my phone bills don’t show anything and trying to explain to dippy office people on the phone is a nightmare these days and they never get anything right either.

The 09 numbers are livebox numbers, your previous number was a landline number. Looks as if it has moved house along with your account. We have a livebox number and a 03 fixe number.

Thanks for replying. Still seems a bit odd but heyho as long as the phone works I am not complaining.

This seems very odd.

Normally if you have an 09 Livebox number it’s because you also have a geographic real phoneline i.e. not a VOIP phone via the internet.

Hopefully you only have one 'phone/internet bill…?

When I changed phone supplier, I already had a contract with Orange for the line and someone else for the calls. I changed to Orange but they would only give me VOIP access via the Livebox, even though the underlying number remained the same. I can only make called via the VOIP (I tried using the @real@ number directly but it doesn’t work now.

Following @shiba’s experience, I wonder if the “real” number still works for incoming calls… I shall experiment!

The breton number for a landline had been allocated to us since 1989 and I have never had any number beginning with 09 at all. When I moved into this new house back in June I was given a landline number for an ordinary phone which begins 09 and for which people ring that phone with. I only get one phone bill per month for the fixed line and internet and it has been the same price for several years now and only increases if I ring a mobile phone from the fixed phone which I never do. When I set up here again with FREE we had a nightmare trying to get “foreign” people on their customer help to understand what I wanted and it took a couple of weeks finally getting to speak to a manager who sorted the mess immediately.

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