Strange Name of Insurer on My Ameli Page

I can obviously get in touch with April on Monday and just check that all is well, but I wondered whether anyone here who is with April Mutuelle can confirm something for me please.

We have just taken out a contract with April and it went “live” a week ago. So I sent off a copy of my attestation de droits to April and asked them to sort out my Ameli link, which they seem to have done. Except - that the name of the insurance company I have been linked to is Axeria

Is that correct?

Hi Sue,
I found this - it looks OK…
Axéria Prévoyance, compagnie d’assurance du groupe APRIL , met son expertise au service des assurés et de leurs familles, depuis plus de 20 ans. Forte de ses atouts, technicité actuarielle et structure à taille humaine, Axéria Prévoyance est ainsi en capacité d’innover en mode agile et de s’adapter à un secteur en forte mutation.

Thanks Fleur. If Axeria were the parent company I’d be more reassured - seems strange that all our paperwork is in the name of April with a different membership number. I think I will ring them Monday. It was just because it’s the weekend and I’ve just checked and I thought someone might know.

A bit confusing, I agree.

Seems like April have sold them off.

Indeed, Watford’s own press:

@Alex_Thurgood Thanks for the info Alex. I definitely need to make a call Monday. This doesn’t look right!

@fabien Fabien, I’d be grateful if you could explain what is going on.

I have just called April who tell me “Axeria is the name that has been agreed with Ameli and is the one they use”. And that everything is “fine”.

Given that Axeria is now owned by another company based in Bermuda, how can this be “fine”?

Thanks for any help / advice / reassurance.

Hi @spj, don’t worry, everything is fine. You are insured with “Axeria Vie” and they bought “Axeria IARD”. Even if they bought the “Axeria VIE” branch they would still need to comply to French regulations which we now call the “LPS” fund (Libre Prestation de Service) and that would force them to be financially liable in France (at least) by enforcing a tax on all the premium they get so that the state can pay out if they were to default. But, again, that’s not the case as they only bought the “casualty” branch “Axeria IARD” :wink:

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Hello @fabien Thank you for your prompt response.

I have finally found at the back of the April brochure the following:

This product is conceived and managed by APRIL International Care France and insured by Axéria Prévoyance

Which is useful to know. I think for worriers like me, it is important to be given this information at the time we arrange the insurance and not be left to “discover” who our ultimate insurer is by chance.

I’m surprised it doesn’t say who the ultimate insurer is on the April letterhead.

Anyway, thanks for your help.

I understand your concern but in France, the “product manager” is the one responsible in case of an issue with the underwritter. Technically speaking you will never have to deal with Axeria, only with either us or April so the “ultimate insurer” is not really relevant although we also disclose it in the information leaflet that we include with the policy (but again, not very important for you directly).

Kind regards,

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