Strange Noise at Night!

Can anyone help. On a couple of occasions at about 10.30 p.m. we have heard a strange sound in the garden. It sounds like a mechanical beep at regular intervals of about 2 seconds then stops for a while and then starts up again. In fact, is sounds a bit like the Greenwich time signal. It is obviously some creature as when you walk towards the sound it stops but there is nothing to see! My husband has suggested aliens but I don’t think so! Any ideas.

That’s the one :slight_smile:

Hi James

Thanks for the You Tube that is definitely the sound - so now we know - toads it is.

Or was it, no guts no glory!

No pain, no gain…

That’s the one. Well done James, never thought of that. I know “you snooze you loose”.

What’s the other one about not taking risks? You come out with some stuff :smiley:

You snooze, you lose :wink:

Beat me to it :smiley:

Hi Linda

Some toads can make some strange noises,but I think it’s a bit early for them, not being an expert. I know the ones in the in laws village go on and on and it is a very regular “beep”.

It’s the bloomin’ doves that annoy me!!!

Toads I think

Thanks for that. We do have bats but did not give them a thought. That’s what happens when “Townies” move to the country.