Strawberries and Apricots... tasty or not

Are you enjoying the seasonal fruit available or finding it a little less succulent than it could be…

Strawberries taste tomatoes and vice versa. Apricots taste close to nothing too ! I’m talking of course of supermarket ones. They are harversting too early and don’t get the benefit of natural ripening in the sun :cry:


Most supermarket fruit and veg seems to taste of nothing these days. It’s actually quite depressing in this land of haute cuisine that supermarket produce is so bland and poor quality. Most recently I bought a cucumber from Leclerc, my favourite in a sandwich, and although it was enormous and dark green it tasted of absolutely nothing. I didn’t even get that wonderful heady smell when I first cut into it. Just so disappointing.

I prefer Grand Frais which is a bit more expensive but worth it to actually get some produce that tastes of something. I also use a new local primeur called Provenc’halles which is good quality as well, although I believe this may be a chain. It’s a no-frills, everything in original boxes, simple trestle tables type of place. Again, a bit more expensive.

It’s sad that supermarkets, even in France, seem to be prioritising uniformity and price over taste.


The fruit is generally awful- nectarines that taste of cardboard, melons that taste of absolutely nothing etc etc. Earlier in the year our supermarket seemed to think it was ok to sell green potatoes. Are they a delicacy we’ve not heard of…


We used to have a local lady, who would pick in the early morning…whatever was in season in her garden … and take it to the market. When you bought her stuff you knew it was fresh, chemical free… and it tasted delicious… :relaxed:

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