Street Walking

A mini Post starter know! I say starter cos I can't find a Firewire cable to convert the video footage I have. So this is as much as an Aide Mémoire as anything else...

Street walking? Oh yes..the oldest Profession....Busking! Hadn't really done it since my days in St. Denis...about ...say ...roughly...a Million years ago....until me and Eugene ( he of dulcet tone and as lyrical as any Irishman ) walked the Street of Pézenas last Saturday...Looking for a Good Spot' ...I took his lead, as he seemed to be 'divining' for this magical position..." This'll do Eugene..."

"No , no, no has to be know... open..."

and so it went on...hither, thither ...schleping enough battery-driven gear to power a Stones' Concert in Brazil... I didn't really care..the Place was heaving as it was...stinky hot and full of English buying their Produits Francais ( excuse lack of dangly thing under the 'C' dunno where that is? ) at the world famous Pézenas Market....

That is where I shall leave it, for now, just a couple of things.

(q) this is really a Blog isn't it?

(a) yes, but I sense it will become peppered with all sorts of topical tangents...who knows where it may lead.

(q) what, no crafty Hypertext links... to feed your burgeoning link factory?

(a) how dare you...

(q) no pics?

(a) just waiting for the pics to come back from Boots Chemists

(q) you using Print processing in the UK

(a) well, it's online... and anyway ..I need a feed into the joke

(q) What joke?

(a) "They don't sell Parafin in Boots anymore"

(q) Why?

(a) 'cos it comes out the lace-holes

(q) That's an old one!

(a) You seen this Camera?'s not the quality of the Joke that's important it's the

Still widdling around with the video... in the meantime's some music

Eugene does the



oh Jesus