STRENGTH OF THE POUND, or the very weak Euro

Last year I predicted that the pound would break through the 1.30€ barrier by the summer, now looking at the figures and the state of the euro world I think the pound could hit 1.404 or even higher in four months time, when Greece decides what it is going to do.

all the figures I have been watching indicate that the pound is growing in strength and will continue to get stronger, good for the tourist and all those getting pensions from the UK.

Just wondering if there are any people who are trying to move back to the UK.

Well simplified currency economics but spot on Theo.

Bicycles for fish is brilliant, can we copyright that idea ;-)

I took this screenshot in Feb, now Goldman-Sachs-Super-Mario is spending 60 Billion per month for, whom do you think. France has now till 2017 to handle its debts. How convenient, - this is election year and surly a reward for obedience in stupid cases like Ukraine and Syria! I jut hope all this political fakes are going over the cliff already this year so this political "responsible" in Brussels have finally some sober thoughts. And by the way: the rule of the pound is marginal, it has influence on the €uro like a bicycle for a fish in the water..., - its the dirty "reserve-currency" which is fighting for its survival by being printed in unimaginable amounts and to counter this Beijing now is dumping every now and then a few billion... ![](upload://eps8e7xfISnXyCPZiCT9ODlr1pr.jpg)

ECB in action, because Super-Mario likes it hot ;-)

Nah, they got caught. Plenty more where they are and I am married to a citizen of said country and consequently do not even need to live there, even just on paper. Trouble is... I have not got any money :-(

Stop swearing!


Shame on you, how could you say such a thing.

or enough money to use a dodgy banker ;-)

Oh for a crystal ball.

Bring on the $ € parity, I have a payment in US$ due to be paid in mid-April. As for the €, today it only needs another cent and we have 1.41. However, the financial predictors are showing an imminent turn round which will inevitably dash all my hopes of a couple of extra hundred €s compared to the last payments.

Well the prediction by Simon of €1.40 to the pound came about a lot sooner than I ever expected it to. Could more be in the pipeline? I see no reason why not. Especially as Italy's PM and chairman of the Bank of Italy have both suggested that euro parity with the dollar is around the right position and the ECB quantative easing will only help that status arrive.

You picked up the same fortune cookie as I did once up on a time :-(

From experience, I predict it will fall back to near-parity just before I move over the next new months.

With a bit of luck it will stay there or climb for when my quarterly pension arrives in April (including my £3 a week rise - fiesta!!!!).

It's got to 1.40

Good stuff that Lidl paint.

Or wait till Lidl have some German emulsion on sale.

Beechams for indigestion, Beeching for railways, but same difference ultimately - it made everybody feel sick when it got too much ;-)

Oh my perhaps you should have gone to Screwfix