Strike Tomorrow

(Helen Aurelius-Haddock) #1

I find it staggering that after a few days the teachers are going on strike.
Hardly enough time for any of our youngsters on SF to have been given any homework!
My daughter has one English lesson between 10 and 11 tomorrow, but isn’t sure if they are running buses into Lycee, and I can’t take her in.
Suffice to say she’s having the day off after two whole days, scrub that, one and a half days in lessons - I had to just drive down to get her as she finished two hours early because of the strike.
She had to go around and ask all her teachers who was striking and who was not.
Rant over.

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #2

Anyone know if there are any more strikes already planned?

(Tracy Thurling) #3

It appears so, not sure why as I was under the impression that the teachers are still paid by the state, have to say I’m very pleased they don’t go on strike, saves a lot of stress.

(Natasha Wright) #4

The boys primary/maternelle is open tomorrow - its private so does this make a difference? Canteen workers are on strike though so have received note in school bag tonight asking for packed lunches!

Natasha x

(Tracy Thurling) #5

Every time there is a strike, I’m really grateful that we put our kids in the private school, tomorrow is bad enough as I commute by train so it means I have to take the car - which is really annoying as I pay for an abonnement. I was also supposed to visit the douaniers tomorrow but they are on strike, so I’ve had to go today, on my day off. And today was my first day off after 9 weeks of school holidays - I’d be absolutely steaming if the school was on strike as well.

(Helen Barnes) #6

Not looking forward to tomorrow as my 10 year old’s teacher isn’t on strike, but the 3 year old’s is - and my younger daughter has already spent the entire weekend asking why she couldn’t go to school, she’s only been going 3 days and she loves it…!

(Catharine Higginson) #7

Don’t get me started. I’ve had to drive Daisy in today - no lycee buses although staff there. Most of them sat outside in the road protesting and smoking fags with the kids. But there were enough of the 250 staff present for it to open.
Primary is shut tomorrow, college not and there are again no buses to lycee. So another round trip.

Its a bloody farce.

Sure your daughter will manage without an hour of English :))