Structural engineer Tim Haw of Versineer; other?

Further to this issue, and having eventually received a report we found that there was essential work needed to underpin the property which would cost over 100,000 EU! if we were that well off we would have been looking to buy a better property all round - so had to come out of that purchase - thank goodness the Notaire wouldn’t finalise the compromis before we knew the details!
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Hi, I realise this is an old thread, but just looking at the demand for Structural Engineers (and hearing it from some of the people we’ve met here) I thought I’d pop a message to say that we have set up a new business - SARL Dobson Structures ( and we offer surveys, calculations and designs all across France from our base in the Pays de la Loire!

I don’t mean to sound disagreeable, but are your qualifications recognised and your work insured etc in France? What does ‘chartered’ mean in French terms? Are you in with RICS and/or some other body?

Thank you for the concern but we have checked with all relevant bodies and done what we needed to do in France. It’s always good to make sure though!


So you have a siret, insurance, belong to a recognised French body, etc?

Katy - in France, it is a requirement to show your siret number etc on all materials relating to the company - including the website.

I’ve had a look at your informative website but couldn’t find the siret nor information about your affiliations, insurance etc - you may need to add this…


I’m not sure whether a report carried out by a UK qualified structural engineer or building surveyor would be recognised by a French court should a legal dispute arise.

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Only if it is fully written in the french language.

Hi Shiba,
I did query this point with our local chambre and their view was that if services were being offered in France, siret etc need to be on the website. In @Katy_Dobson 's case, the website is offered in French and English, so it sounds as if you agree about the need to comply with relevant French legalities.

Oh I know what is required regarding papers for litigation, had 14 years of it with TGI’s and almost cassation until the scammers backed down eventually. Everything that went before judges and the equivalent of defence barristers here had to be in french, nothing english but then it was not an affair where brits were involved except us but that point was hammered home time and again about paperwork and also anything sent by post had to be registered and never ordinary post as that is not recognised. Also every devis given had to be in french but with any brit clients they got a translated version in english but french every time.