Student Acoomodation in Paris sought

Hi everyone,

A great pal's great pal's daughter is off to study in Paris starting January 21st and having diffs finding accomodation - uni is Science & pol in 6th arrondisssement - have you any suggestions or perhaps you have a wee city centre studio avilable to rent? Or any other forums where she can hunt down such a thing? or nay other homeless students who may want to look with her?

Thank you


Hi Yvette, Either of you'd be welcome to call or text me on 0698955232 or to send me an e-mail at thanks for going to the trouble of coordinating all this. I trust something will become of all your effort. Have a good day, Tim

Hi Tim That sounds great - I'm not sure where the girl is from but my friend is originally from Belfast and now lives in Liverpool. What is the best way for me to put you in touch with each other?

Thank you


Yes, Claire, that's a Saint Vincent de Paul run association so certainly credible and you can't beat the idea of sharing with the elderly and the education which would certainly come with it, nor the price. In any case, the room I have is still available, OKU.

Tim's reply sounds great.I could consider moving in myself!!

However I came acrosss this site while searching for accomodation in bordeaux for No1 son.

hope that might help.

Hi Yvette, I have a 3 private bedroom furnished house close to the RER station, Yerres, and then 22 minutes to Gare de Lyon by RER line "D" direction, Melun, in a friendly community called Yerres, SE of Paris. Your friend of a friend's daughter would need a special, inexpensive RER pass called Navigo. There are already two girls living in the house, one is from London and the other Belfast. Both are working as teaching assistants in the French school system. They are friendly and thoughtful. As the third room is unoccupied, I would be happy to consider your friend's daughter for it and wonder if this would be the kind of situation you are looking for. The rent per month of 550 euro would include all utilities, unlimited internet and international calls to fixed numbers, and, unlimited national calls to cell or fixed lines. There is a shared dining room, bath room with shower, kitchen, laundry room and back yard. Three are bicycles for rides in the nearby parks and forest, if ever. The house is located in a friendly and safe environment, and I live nearby so maintain the property and can lend assistance, if need be. It is a "no smokers" house and I ask that the people living in it take care of it as if it is their own. When and if the time comes, if ever this situation would interest her, I would need to have a month rent as caution to hold the room. I would welcome a visit and try to arrange for the girls to be present for it so they can share their opinions, also. Thanks, Tim Holm