Student in Spain

Hopefully someone can offer advice. Thanks in advance.
My daughter holds a UK passport and a French carte de séjour (expiry 2031). She is studying at university in UK. As part of Erasmus she plans to study in Spain September 2022 to January 2023.
Does anyone know if her long-term carte de séjour is sufficient for her studies in Spain?
Many thanks.

I do not think a French CdS has any validity in Spain but if she has been accepted to study at a Spanish university that should be sufficient in itself to obtain a student visa, which I believe she will need since her course will last for more than 3 months.


Thanks for this information.

Erasmus should have made your daughter fully aware of the visa she needs to study in Spain now that she is a Third Country National (TCN) as far as the EU/Schengen is concerned.

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Just a general comment on this, it is very good to know that there are still ways for this to happen. I believe that UK universities are no longer part of Erasmus and I feared that these opportunities would no longer be open to UK students.

Indeed, however I understand this year or next year will be the last of Erasmus. However there will be something similar introduced thereafter.