Study Buddy Request

Hi di hi Peeps from a lovely sunny spring day in Marseillan 34340 (well, at least for today!).

My partner would like to apply to become a French Citizen and recently posted this request on Marseillan Friends FB page:

"Les temps sont comme le printemps. J’ai un grand jardin. Peut-être nous nous rencontrons dehors? Je veux devenir français. J’ai besoin le certificat DELF B1. J’ai besoin quelqu’un me aider.

Now we have Spring-like weather! I have a large garden. Perhaps we can meet outdoors. After the disaster of Brexit, I want to get French citizenship. It requires getting the DELF B1 certificate. I need a study buddy. Interested?"

He has spent quite a bit of money on learning to upgrade his French speaking skills (which is way much better than mine!). When in doubt I immediately introduce Phill as my Interpreter :slight_smile:

What he is attempting to find is a study buddy who is going, or wanting to go, through the same process to eventually become a French citizen.

Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

Cheers - Steve

You might get more answers if you put this

“J’ai besoin de quelqu’un qui m’aiderait à améliorer mon français. Je souhaite acquérir la nationalité française et j’ai besoin d’atteindre le niveau B1. J’ai un grand jardin et maintenant que le printemps est (presque) là on pourrait se rencontrer dehors pour travailler. Qui pourrait m’aider?”

As it stands I’m afraid a French person won’t necessarily understand what is written. Try at your local lycée or collège. Good luck :blush:


Thanks for the updated version Véronique. I will email it to him and then duck, run outside and get on with planting out this years crops :wink: Cheers - Steve

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@scrawford500 - I wanted to improve my conversational French so I put a request on my local village Facebook page asking for help. I had several replies and am now in contact with a lovely French lady with whom I chat with (over the Internet) several times a week. I also help her with her English and I now consider her to be a firm friend.

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Hi Steve,
You guys may want to try the Tandem App. You can meet a native French speaker who wants to learn English. Both sides are then motivated and help each other out.
Options include text messages, voice message or video chat, or find someone nearby for in-person (when restrictions ease :roll_eyes:). For example, one of the people I’m currently chatting with is in Switzerland and studying for an English test. I’m finding it useful for my A2-ish level French.

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That sounds useful

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Thanks everyone. I will pass on your suggestions. Cheers - Steve