Stump Grinder

Rod Baverstock of removing a tree stump with a Predator Stump Grinder

Nice gizmo!

Plus ... tou're the first workman in France I've seen wear protective gear ... and I've seen a lot.

Best one was a guy in Narbonne ... leaning out a window, his buddy holding onto his shirt so he could put a large angle grinder to a flag pole. No eye wear, no ear plugs, no gloves.

The geek in me can't watch that kinda stuff. The "what if's" are too damn scary to contemplate :-P

Hi Suzanne,

It will go down about 15 to 18 inches below soil level . In theory if you clear enough soil around the site it can go down as far as you like at 15 to 18 inch levels . When I removed the 1 metre depth of soil ( over 160 sqare metre area ) with my mini digger to put in the piping for my ground source heat pump , all remaining roots just came up . If you need any more help you can e-mail me on .

cool - will need one of those to clear our forest. Does it do underneath the ground too? Not sure how we will get the roots out and need to for the Ground Source Heat pump.