Subscription to info-Siret?

Hello everyone, I recently set up as an AE and have just received a letter from info-Siret requesting me to subscribe and send a cheque for 198€. I had a quick look at the website and it looks like a site tophat lists businesses by Siret number for advertising purposes. I’m wondering if that is what it is and if it’s entirely necessary or helpful? Has anyone done it and can you tell me about it please?

Thanks very much!


I received several of these letters when I started up, they are presented to look official but are usually some useless online directory, explained in very small print.

Yup! You will receive plenty of these. I received one last week from something like 'Registre des enterprises' or similar. I think that makes about 4 for me in less than 3 months.

Unless you want to appear in one of those 'business pages' and pay anything from €200 to €400 for the privilege, just bin them.

Thanks all! Into the bin it goes…

Jane, we recently became AEs too and we were told by our accountant that we would be deluged by offers and demands and were told not to respond except through him .That leads me to believe you should check all message and request very carefully.


Hi Jane,

I got this scam soon after I registered and blogged my response here:

You can safely set fire to it when it gets cold enough.

I was sent the same letter and it went straight in the bin!
It is not compulsory as it says and will almost certainly be of no help.

I stand to be corrected of course but I have have found plenty of free places to advertise