Success in getting a Devis (Estimate) re-priced - downwards!

So recently I blogged about receiving an enormous Devis from a geometre regarding the drawing up of plans for the existing building/plot of our next family home renovation. It was an incredible 3000 euro. I was very taken aback and needed a virtual brandy to calm myself after such a shock.

So once I'd had a moment, I wrote to my architect and asked why I needed 3D images, why was the cost so high, why did we need full drawings of the internal partitions most of which we were to replace anyway.

He forwarded my note to the Surveyor (note to self - always ensure notes are polite & factual - luckily this one was carefully worded, glad I had my virtual brandy before posing the email). Today in my inbox fluttered a much lighter quote almost a third of the original estimate.

The usual process is now to send a cheque of 30% of the cost as an acompte and a copy of the devis signed and dated bon pour accord (good to go ahead).

I'm really pleased I pushed back on this estimate. I feel like guardian of our budget - my other half asked me the other day if the reason this project was stressful was because of the project, the kids or the budget. Interesting this time round it's not the language. Without a doubt, it's managing the budget. I can see many more of these moments ahead - but this early win has put me in a good place today.

Thank you Nick Ord for your words of wisdom too.

Other good news today:

Jasmine has had her first sisterly argument today so she must be feeling better and Nola D'Enis informed me it's World Champagne day - so another reason to celebrate - except my stash of Champagne is in France and I'm in London - oh bu*ger!

Glad I was of some help - and sounds like the price ended up where we thought. Go on, have that brandy. You deserve it!