Sue-Ellen works hard to outdo Lettuce Liz 🤭

Priti coming a poor third in the Three Witches stakes at the moment, but together they’ll knobbly Rishi “Macbeth” Sunak.


Ah, the immigrants’ childrens’ brigade. How their arms must ache, pulling up all those ladders. :thinking:


Sunak says that the Tory party is a broad church and would welcome Farage into the fold.

Not broad enough, however, to allow some quiet dissent by Andrew Boff, unceremoniously kicked out of the conference (including aid from Greater Manchester Police which is puzzling as no offence had taken place).

This sums it up really



Yes, all she lacks is a toothbrush moustache. The audience were lapping it up though.

Wait until Kemi Badenoch really gets going.

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Rivers of blood, invasion, hurricane! Where the hell do these people come from?

A bit concerning that Truss apparently stole the show, with queues of people snaking around the block trying to get into her event.

And Lewis Goodall from the News Agents podcasts floating the idea on Twitter:
" There’s an air of unreality at #cpc23 in Manchester. But it’s part of a longer story-the slow radicalisation of the Tory Party. The seeds are being sown for that process to complete in opposition, with Truss & Farage at its centre."

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She’s not in their league Brian and has an eye on the leadership once Sunak fails next year, Badenoch is the future of the Tory party.

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“ Fringe meetings in Manchester seethe with dread of “the Blob” (a catch-all term covering civil servants, local councils that aren’t controlled by Tories, academia, the creative industries and non-governmental organisations). Speakers decry the suffocation of freedom by wokery (a super-villainous reincarnation of the enemy formerly known as “political correctness gone mad”).

Such targets are necessary surrogates for “Brussels”, which served for so long as the mythic origin of British decline. But the fanatical embrace of Euroscepticism was itself a coping strategy for Tories who had no ideological successor doctrine to Thatcherism after Thatcher, and still don’t.” Mad, bad and dangerous to know: we are witnessing the Tories’ final descent into absurdity

Rafael Behr

The Tories are flummoxed without Brussels to blame. This disaster is all somebody’s fault, they just can’t work out who’s. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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They’re all ghastly. The whole lot. Not worth spending time on.

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But to read this forum, you’d think they don’t have a future in politics. But sadly to see the braying masses at Manchester that is not a certainty.

Yes, donkeys the lot of 'em :horse:

Steady on, I quite like donkeys. :slightly_frowning_face:


Sadly Fleur, like any malignancy, ignoring them and their ilk is not an option. Otherwise they just metastasise.

“Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”


Somehow I don’t think that my ignoring them will actually change anything !
In any case, nowadays, I’m far more interested in what is happening in France and Europe.

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Me too. Some of my favourite donkeys…

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You’re right Fleur and that was what was in my mind as I posted, and then forgot to write it​:roll_eyes:. This isn’t purely a UK phenomenon. What if we get Le Pen next time around? What about Hungary and now Slovakia? Will thing’s go the right way in Poland? Is this sudden rush to expand the EU again sensible? All worrying questions :thinking:


Kemi is too sane for the current UKIPified Tories.

Yes, I realise that describing Badenoch as “sane” is a bit of a stretch.

By the way - just in case you thought that you had any civil liberties left (not sure what the situation is in France over stuff like this).

“photos on the police national database are limited to individuals who have been arrested.”

Even that’s going too far IMO, it should be restricted to those that have been convicted.

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From personal experience Is day she is as scheming as Johnson.

And civil liberties? I don’t really remember them :wink:

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