Sugar Soap

Does anyone know if this is available here & what it’s called?
Many thanks

Lessive St Marc


Many thanks Paul!

That’s one of those bizarre coincidences, I rubbed down some paintwork on a door this afternoon and thought at the time that it would be good to have some sugar soap. I now know what to look for. Thanks.

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Is it the sunshine or what… are we all doing doors… I’ve just asked the chap working on the church door opposite… for tips on retouching our front door… :relaxed:

The sunshine is a hindrance at the moment, I want to put a coat of undercoat on the places I’ve sanded but will have to wait until this evening. In my case it’s feeling guilty because my neighbour has been busy for weeks doing exterior paintwork maintenance.

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Poor chap… mornings are ok, but he has got the sun beating on his back all afternoon…

I made a joke about him getting “well-cooked” … then seriously warned him against sunstroke on his bare head… (no problem, he reckoned)… and I asked if that was because “there was nothing inside”… ???.. he nearly fell off his ladder laughing so much… :grin::grin::grin:

I love being able to have a joke, even if my French is not 100% as it should be… :relaxed::laughing::wink:

Don’t know where I pulled that gem from, dusty corners of half used memories I think. Checking I see that “Lessive St Marc Oxydrine” or the “Lessive a savon de pin” are probably the things you want for preparing surfaces for painting, they also do what looks like just bicarb under the same name.

See the bottom of the Wikipedia entry - possibly where I originally picked the info up from but I can’t remember exactly.


I bought the product mentioned in Wikipedia article this morning. It’s just what I was looking for.

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