Suggestions for Battery powered Pruning Saw please

Given the excellent advice I had for my drill, I’d be grateful please if I could ask for the same for a battery powered pruning saw.

I had a Lidl’s Parkside saw which has just given up the ghost unfortunately, as it has been very useful. Not too heavy or expensive.

It’s the version that has the flat slide-in battery pack.

I expect Lidl will not have its fresh stock until the autumn and meantime I’m part way through some serious clearing of overgrown cornus. So I’m wondering about a replacement.

Does anyone know whether the Lidl battery is usable on any other brand of saw? That obviously would be the ideal then it means I only have to buy the saw itself and not the whole caboodle.

As always, grateful for any thoughts / suggestions. Thanks.

You sure its not the baterry thats faulty? They tend to go first

Never occurred to me Chris. The charger shows it as charged - so how can I tell?

Is it the “20V” battery which looks like this?


Yes it is

Dont know about french lidl but uk stores are awash with those at the moment. Could send one if it is the battery

I believe Lidl kit is often Einhell or Black & Decker as well as other badges. Could it be worth stopping into some huge DIY with the charger and battery and seeing what would fit? If you’re near 46 you’d be welcome to test with my battery as I have that charged battery and pruner here - I think that’s the same elagueuse as I got from Lidl here. I do have an older Aldi battery ( not the new round type) that IIRC did turn out to fit the Lidl charger for this.

I also have an unboxed but unused electric extendable tree pruner that is the Lidl electric version of the same if anyone’s near NW 46 and wants it for a low price. I’d have to check if it’s got a UK or Fr plug though. The electric one is completely unused as compared to the battery one like yours which has done a couple of seasons. The new plug-in one is unneeded as I now have an additional multi-thing from Aldi (I think it’s really a Scheppach) that also includes a pruning attachment.

The batteries can be bought on - though they are not especially cheap (49€ ish).

The quickest way to decide if it is the battery or the saw will be to put a known good, charged, battery in and see if it works.

As Karen says the OEM is normally Einhell but B&D is mentioned online as a possibility (probably one Chineses factory churning them all out) so there might be other ranges with compatible batteries but it’s a bit of a lottery.

hold on…I have a link for Lidl parts somewhere. Back soon.

PS I’m not sure it’s the battery at fault from your description. Your local garden tools shop might take a look and confirm for not much

Link for Lidl parts and after-bits. The items come from Germany but postage cost is not a ripoff.


click on logo or use search box at the top. Enter the product number off your receipt, off the label on the item itself, or its handbook. All associated replacement parts and similar products come up.

It also does word searches. start to type and it comes up with suggestions to save you typing the whole thing

That’s a very useful site, Karen - thank you! Unfortuantely, the battery I need is out of stock - also at the Belgian equivalent… rats!

Thank you everyone for your help and suggestions. I’ve just remembered I may know someone who has the same type of pruner, who may be able to help me check whether it is the battery or the saw - carefully socially distanced of course.

Hi Sue

We have an excellent Makita reciprocating saw which is great for pruning.


They also do a slightly smaller version which is not quite as hefty

Ouch! For that price, I’m not surprised. Thanks for the suggestion Mat

Angela if you’re anywhere near NW 46 you’re welcome to come and test it on my ready charged battery that I know works :slight_smile:

That is very kind of you, Karen - thank you! Unfortunately, I live in the “frozen north” (Normandie) so nowhere near you but I am looking forward to the possibility in the future of wandering down south and meeting up with some of you so be warned :rofl: