Suggestions for Driving Music Welcomed

Well the time for the two week holiday is almost here :sunglasses: and one of my favourite parts is the drive down. I enjoy driving in general but the drive through France has a very special thing for me that is difficult to explain (unless you want to listen for an hour to my ramblings).

I’ve always enjoyed it and the drive seems to be a fundamental part of the transition from ‘work-mode’ to ‘holiday-mode’. The driving has elements of challenge and purpose. If it’s in day time I can feel the holiday spirit coming into me as I pass the milestone familiar sights and the shape of my face visibly changes as the Ks tick by. Recent years have seen a move in our longer holiday to coincide with the ‘Black Saturday weeks’ and so a Friday afternoon tunnel and drive into the night / early hours has been a new pleasure (sitting on our terrace with ‘hot from the oven’ croissants from local bakery and a strong coffee at 3am on a pitch black night with an infinite number of stars is just too good to be true – these will be ‘forever’ memories).

Anyway, to the matter in hand where I need some help. I make this drive alone and enjoy music played loudly. I’ve moved from The Stranglers, Singles (particularly their cover of Walk On By) but possibly only because it’s in the loft. The last few years I have done the entire journey listening to the first disc from Bastille, All This Bad Blood, played on a loop but maybe this time I could do with a change.
I’m considering anything by Alabama Shakes and may even take the new Harry Stiles disc (can’t believe I’m considering an album from a 1D member but hey, I like it).

BUT, the question is, what are your favourites or suggestions for music to drive through France?

First…Bat Out Of Hell - Meatloaf!

Then…Chris Rea - Auberge


My staple diet for driving is either 50s rock’n’roll or French pop (Polno, Sardou et al, or tune in to Nostalgie when the radio picks it up).
But at the moment I’m varying it by revisiting in particular Red Hot Chili Peppers / Californication and
Beautiful South / Blue is the Colour.

Nostalgie, so bad it’s good: plus Wagner Bach Handel Pachelbel Buxtehude Schubert Mozart Beethoven Saint Saëns Mussorgsky Prokofiev Rameau and Grieg (so mainly but not only German composers :wink:) and sometimes Scarlatti Allegri and Monteverdi (madrigals rather than masses) to even things up a bit.

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I would be quite happy with either of Simon’s choices and the Stranglers. I would also add a bit of Boston.

Mmm… we rarely have music on when we are driving… but if we get stuck somewhere, we have favourite discs at the ready… The Three Tenors, Il Divo, Russell Watson or Lesley Garrett…for starters…

When I used to do the school run… we sang along to “Oh what a beautiful morning” … from Oklahoma…and the sun did seem to be always shining in those distant days.:blush:

Interesting. The preview for my previous post shows a link to Boston but I see a Chris Rea link on the actual post.

Oh Yes, Yes, Yes Stella - Il Divo - best live concert I’ve seen to date!!

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Now is back to Boston.

Stone Roses of course :wink:

By popular demand, their version of Amazing Grace is included each year in our Christmas Carol session… wonderful…

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I’m really getting into TwentyOne Pilots … very original. There’s a little bit of rap (which I normally don’t like, but it fits in well) and always a strong melody. Try ‘HeavyDirtySoul’ or ‘Stressed Out’. Another favourite is Lynyrd Skynrd ‘Free Bird’ where it is obligatory for the front seat passenger in our car to ‘air guitar’ the solo …

Got to be Tedeschi Trucks band live from the Fox Oakland. Here’s a taster…

I might be a bit late to the party.
…tradionally music has been JJ Cale, Paul Simon, Simon and Garfunkle, Queen, Paolo Nutini, French café songs on the 30s.

… but music has been supplanted by the audiobook. The hours on the autoroute just fly by with a good story. You can buy on CD or Download to iphone or iPod.

We have fake audio books in the car, ie one of my daughters will read a book out loud, replacing the names of characters with those of people we know, doing the voices and possibly on occasion altering the original text for comedy value. Worked brilliantly with Game of Thrones though I’m not sure George RRMartin would have appreciated it…

Gracious Vero …

Your kids are better passengers than I have ever been… I get car-sick if I try to read while going along… so, if we are doing long trips I print out the directions/information in very large type and a quick glance is all I need… phew… and that’s enough…:sweat:

On the other hand… I think what your daughters are doing is really great…so many parents fob their kids off with electric gadgetry… or thumb-machines as they are called in our village…

Please avoid the Farandole from Bizet’s L’Arlesienne Suite no 2.
Many moons ago it came on my radio when I was driving on the M6 on the hill past Lancaster University. It had such an an amazing effect upon my right foot that I suddenly found myself doing 100 mph!

Highway star, Deep Purple
Born to run, Bruce Springsteen
Kashmir, Led Zep
Sweet home Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd
Supersonic, Oasis
Radar Love, Golden earring
Here I go again, Whitesnake
Riders on the storm, Doors
Comfortably number, Pink floyd
And repeat…:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
Be there in no time!

Hi All,
Many thanks for all of your suggestions – very much appreciated.
I’ve just got a gadget to broadcast radio from my old fashioned iPod into the old fashioned car radio so we now have over 10,500 tracks to choose from 
On the down side I don’t have all of your suggestions in my library.
On the plus side, many of them are there, so thanks again,
PS a new thread