Suggestions please for titles in French

Our photo club is putting on an exhibition through August and I’m doing the catalogue (in French)

Two of our members have come up with titles for the themes of their photos (in English) and I’m looking for equivalent titles in French that sound right. I’d welcome thoughts on the following please. Do these “work” in French:

Magical moments: Des moments magiques

Illuminated structures: Les structures éclairées

At the moment I only have the titles and I’ve not seen the photos - so I know no more than you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any thoughts. Sue

I might say ‘moments magiques’ with no article and for the structures maybe just ‘mise en lumière’ but you will know if that’s appropriate when you see them

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Great, thanks so much Vero. :slight_smile:

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I like @vero’s edit.

For the Illuminated Structures, which is hard to say if architectural, maybe Formes lumineuses or Formes illuminées or Formes eclairées?

Sounds like fun whatever you chose to say :blush:


Instants éphémères ? It sounds a bit more impressionistic to me.



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I like it but there isn’t the magic element :slightly_smiling_face:
Magie éphémère?


Pas de son: mais lumière ?

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Thanks everyone for your help. In the end, although there are other more creative interpretations offered here, I have gone with "Structures eclairées ? As they are all very much buildings/architecture with light thrown on them (artificial or sunlight). Knowing the photographer, I prefer to opt for the more literal interpretation of his lovely images.
Forgive me - may I impose further on your goodwill.
I need an introduction to the exhibition catalogue and I am running out of time to share my thoughts with our French members.
This is my English version:
“Our exhibition title this year is “Point de Vue” – a title intended to convey how we share a common interest and yet each member comes to their photography with a different perspective. As we each look through the lens, we find different stories to tell, which we hope to show here through the rich diversity of our images.
A new element to our exhibition is a selection of members’ entries to our monthly competitions. Each month we choose a new topic and use it as a basis for our weekly meetings. At the end of the month we hold a competition to select the best photos. Some of those are to be found here. We hope you enjoy them and look forward to reading your comments in our visitors’ book.”

And this is what Deepl offers me:

“Le titre de notre exposition cette année est “Point de vue” - un titre destiné à illustrer le fait que nous partageons un intérêt commun, mais que chaque membre aborde la photographie avec un point de vue différent. En regardant à travers l’objectif, nous trouvons des histoires différentes à raconter, que nous espérons montrer ici à travers la riche diversité de nos images.
Un nouvel élément de notre exposition est une sélection d’œuvres présentées par les membres dans le cadre de nos concours mensuels. Chaque mois, nous choisissons un nouveau thème qui sert de base à nos réunions hebdomadaires. À la fin du mois, nous organisons un concours pour sélectionner les meilleures photos. Vous en trouverez quelques-unes ici. Nous espérons qu’elles vous plairont et nous nous réjouissons de lire vos commentaires dans notre livre d’or.”

I’d be really grateful for your thoughts/suggestions

Deepl has done a good job!

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It’s clear, straightforward and very accessible to anyone

Unfortunately, much amateur (and not so amateur) French writing on art is overblown and totally vacuous


@vero @DrMarkH Bless you both. It means I can crack on and get this finished and printed for the vernissage tomorrow evening.
As I feared, the lovely bi-lingual French teacher who is a member of the club has not yet replied - he’s no doubt rewriting it. :roll_eyes: