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I wonder if someone can offer me some advice. I am in the process of trying to raise a mortgage and the bank has asked me to provide a Livret de Famille Complet ..... of course being british we don't have such a thing. I discussed this with my notaire and produced a spread sheet giving full details of my children, their spouses and children, etc. The notaire signed the spreadsheet and stated that the Livret de famille doesn't exist in UK. I have a meeting with the bank next weeks and would like to offer an alternative, if they aren't satisfied with the spreadsheet. I can't think of what I can offer - does anyone have a suggestion.



I rarely write on this forum - still in UK but with plans! However I must repeat this story in response to the original here - its not just French banks. My mother, now 93 years old needed something (can't remember what) from her UK branch of Santander. She was told she needed current picture ID either driving license or passport. She pointed out that at 90 she no longer had a drivers license and her passport was much out of date. The initial response was - well we must have ID - that's the rule. Finally I found a recent photo and she asked her Doctor to sign that it was her likeness, she also took in some utility bills to prove her address and her out of date passport. It was accepted only because the clerk at the counter actually knew my mother - she was the daughter in law of a neighbour of my mother's - they have lived in the same street for over 50 years.

If they insist on a translation of your birth certificate simply tell them that under EU law it is a valid document that does not require an official (and usually expensive) translation and that you will bring a complaint against the bank if they do not accept that. So far we have not a that with banks but URSSAF, RAM/RSI and other government departments have tried and caved in promptly when that is emphatically laid at their feet. I would look up the pertinent EU law for you, because I have lost my own note of it, but don't actually have time right now. Bluffing should be enough.

Step 1: Look serious and say in a friendly tone of voice 'Les livrets de famille n'existent pas en Grande Bretagne c'est une particularité française' don't smile and repeat as necessary.

Step 2: Produce your document notarié saying 'mon notaire a résumé les détails nécessaires ici et ce document est certifié' and wave the bit of paper. Don't hand it over yet. They will say montrez-moi ça and probably consult a colleague (you may have to do step 1 again) & then cave in.

They won't understand UK birth certificates not having addenda anyway so this saves you effort.

It does amaze me that you don't hear of folks 'going postal' in this country when meeting up with these types.


Enjoy yourself filling the book up!


Yes I told them and they said it wasn't vital but now they're asking for it.


Had to look at this as I read it to say 'livret de famille' complet! ie 'full' Wow, in my livret de famille there is space for 12 children!

Can't help except to say they are not only issued to French citizens, they are issued to anyone who marries here as my (British) husband and I have one. - with only two child spaces filled in, so plenty of space for more :-)

The bank may be OK, but the whims of one particular prat working there is something else. Not so often with banks but when we have had threads about bureaucracy then that is a recurrent topic so I get the feeling that sometimes individuals have a set of rules whoever they work for and that is the way the world functions in that person's mind. Not at all helpful on the receiving end though.

They never asked us for one when we got a mortgage

Thank you

" try another bank that's a bit more up to date and understanding"

I couldn't agree more !

How can they find the nerves to not comply with the law since they're not having any of it ? Try and speak to the proper manager and if no joy there, I'd write a formal complaint to the bank. Maybe I wouldn't bother at all. Their loss.

As far as I know a Livret de Famille is for French citizens only - when they marry, etc.

Livret de famille : délivrance lors du mariage


Livret de famille : délivrance lors de la naissance du premier enfant : Le livret est délivré uniquement si l'acte de naissance de l'enfant et l'acte de naissance d'au moins un parent sont détenus par une autorité française.




We have a livret de famille but I can't remember my bank asking for it for our mortgage or our business loan! As Dominique says - try another bank that's a bit more up to date and understanding.

Bonne chance ;-)

yes, Dominique is right. Because the UK doesn't have that tradition nothing supplants it. They should accept it.

My wife and children are Swiss. They have them in Switzerland, so for a couple of things here my wife has produced hers. There it is in three languages, one of which is French of course, but the bureaucrats presented with it were not having it because it is not a French Livret de Famille!

So, if there was a UK version and you had it, it is very likely they would not accept it anyway.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can replace a Livret de Famille. If the paper signed by the notary is not sufficient (which would surprise me) you can say that you could produce birth and marriage certificates but really, I would try another bank more au fait that the 'Livret de Famille' is a French peculiarity and ready to accept just your passports.