Summer is in full swing... the best way on how to protect ourselves from harmful rays

It is summer, more so in some areas than others. But the question remains the same, which sun
cream should one buy?
There are multiple discussions about chemical and mineral sun protection, with or without nano-particles.
Maybe you feel a bit like me – with so much information, which is the better solution?

Have a look at the website of Rita Stiens, she covers this topic (in French, English and German) and explains it
very well. This way you can make an informed choice about what type of protection to get.

Especially recommended is a test of all the most readily available sun creams and an article on sun protection and nano-particles .
(Protection solaire:les anti-UV minéraux & les nanoparticules this one only on the French language site).

And along with this explanation as to what sun protection is the best for you, she cites an article on ‘Death of the coral due to sunscreen’. Well worth the time it takes to read...

Altogether highly recommended reading and education on how to make a wiser choice on products we put on ourselves, our children and their impact on the environment.

Happy reading and happy summer.


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