Summer Night Skies - enjoy yourselves

With such beautiful weather - why not sit outside tonight and watch the skies perform their magic.

17th June 2019 - As evening twilight begins to fade, the full moon shines down on us.

The planet Mercury and the planet Mars will appear about a degree apart in the west-northwest at about 5 degrees above the horizon.

Mercury will appear brighter than Mars, with Mercury on the right and Mars on the left.

The two bright stars to the upper right of Mercury and Mars will be Pollux and Castor, the “twins” in the constellation Gemini the Twins.

The bright star appearing nearly overhead will be Arcturus. The brightest planet in the evening sky will be Jupiter, appearing in the southeast at about 18 degrees above the horizon.

Vega, Deneb and Altair the “Summer Triangle” will be rising in the east-northeast

About 10 minutes after evening twilight ends, the bright planet Saturn will rise, appearing as bright in the east-southeast as Mercury will appear on the opposite horizon in the west-northwest.


One of my interests is ISS spotting There are various websites that tell you when you can see a flyover at your chosen spot. They are at dusk or dawn and there are regular spells without a siting being possible

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I wave at the ISS - just as I do at some planes - daft, but I still find myself doing it…:hugs:


I used to say Hello to Tim when he was up there

Lovely! Thanks.

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Maybe if you had twenty going over at lunchtime and turning the sky into a noughts and crosses board in the morning , you would feel slightly differently?

Only two stars/planets are visible here, at the moment.
Thank you Stella.

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We are having a break in Lot et Garonne at the moment. Lovely, almost blood red moon rose tonight. Taken some pics but won’t be able to process them till we get home.

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I think its all a load of Pollux really :roll_eyes:


There’s always one to Castorspersions!


Wouldn’t bother me in the least Jane…
I can’t understand how you can find that a problem Jane, if you could hear them I could understand the problem but seeing a few trails at lunchtime certainly wouldn’t ruin my day …

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I love seeing the trails high in the sky. Makes me think of past adventures to wonderful places like Australia and India and, more recently, that glorious feeling of returning home to France and my hubby after short trips to the UK.


OMG I LOVE aircraft contrails - makes me feel great and lifts my spirits imagining the people up there soaring above and playing with the clouds.

Before I lived in the Pyrenees I often used to look down at them from above en route to Cairo, Jo’burg, Capetown, Accra etc - mostly African continent destinations on that routing. I looked down and thought ‘I wonder who lives down there and what are they doing?’ - magical memories. Now, some of them, are looking down at me :slight_smile:

I’m lucky enough to have lots of sky where I live (clear Milky Way at night etc) and follow aircraft, my ex colleagues and passengers as they criss cross the skies above us (Flight Radar 24).

Couldn’t give a stuff about contrails - apart from how wonderful they look :airplane::airplane::airplane:

Mind you - could always go back to the skies later in life lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And then we have the wonderful Bette Nash flying into her 80’s


I like the flight tracker apps especially in France. It’s amazing where people are headed to

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Just for you Simon… an excerpt from one of my poems…

"For each day can bring a moment of joy
So brief, so perfect, so true.
Like the laugh of a child, the song of a bird
Or a plane cutting shapes in the blue…… "



Ahhhh Stella - made the hairs on my neck stand up - lovely, thank you :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Yesterday evening, in the twilight, I went prowling around my village.

We seem to have an unusual number of hedgehogs this year and I went out to check on their progress.

One stayed hidden in the undergrowth; one snuffled here, there and everywhere (including around my feet); suddenly a third came strolling out of nowhere, wandering without a care in the world and suddenly “dashed” into the tiny garden at the bottom of the chemin.

I am now wondering if that hedgehog could smell the tray of rainwater I had carefully placed under the cherry tree, a few days ago. :thinking:

Anyway, I spent ages gazing down instead of up - but when I did look up, the skies were glorious.

As I walked quietly back to the house, I heard the cry of a Little Owl and managed to locate its silhouette on Maguy’s chimney. It suddenly swooped under the apex of the church roof and disappeared into a cavity, still calling plaintively. Aha, so that is where the nest is - just over a week ago I found 2 dead baby chicks on the stones just below that spot.

I watched for quite some time in the descending darkness but that bird never emerged and I imagined it seeking the babies - in vain. Just in the final light, I spotted a second Little Owl on another rooftop. Mentally encouraging it to go to the nest and “try again” - I was sorry to see it swoop off in the opposite direction.

Hopefully that couple will try again next year.

After that drama - the skies did live up to expectations and I shall be out on the prowl again tonight… :hugs::hugs:


Weather looks dodgy for this evening - best of luck all you star-gazers.


Weather permitting - Tonight (18th) we should be able to see Saturn “at 9 o’clock” of the Full Moon and Jupiter way up there at “5-minutes past”

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It is seeing all these planes who do not pay anything towards the pollution they cause which annoys us.