Summer-time all year long?

We’re in Brittany, but don’t really mind whether we have light in the morning or in the evening. There are pluses and minuses to both.
Guests in out gites are sometimes confused by the fact that the hottest part of the day is not midday, but about 4 in the afternoon! - on the other hand, since we specialise in young families, we advise guests to keep their little ones in their UK routine, so the parents get a holiday lie in!

What’s happening in France?

As far as I can tell we’re (i.e France) still on for clocks going back at the end of October - what is happening in March?

I think the countries are still debating… :wink:

Our dogs would definitely vote for not moving the clocks - completely messes up when they get their supper!

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My Pa was an Aussie farmer all his life (well once he came back from flying the Black Catalinas north of Oz Japanese spotting in WW2!). He always refused to change his watch and just carried on on winter time all year around. NOT such a big deal in Oz though as we are so much closer to the equator that we have much less difference winter to summer. He only passed 3 years ago at 97 so would have been 100 this year! With changed clocks it is dark in winter around 5.30/6pm and in summer by about 8.30/9 latest.

I adore the european long summer nights, feel like a real treat to me still over 20 years later!

I so agree Tory. I lived in Brazil (Sao Paulo, which is on the tropic) in the 70s and found the fact that it was dark when I was leaving work even though it was hot was very strange.

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If France chooses permanent summer time as seems likely, there will be a 2 hour time difference between Franc and the UK in the winder - which is a bit silly since they are at the same longitude.

So UK should change!

(I hope the change to summer time is implemented in France)

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I don’t know what the UK plans were pre Brexit. Staying on summer time gives longer evenings - that was the original purpose of DST after all, moving “useless” summer daylight at 5am to the “useful” other end of the day.

Our government is so rabidly anti-EU at the moment I wouldn’t put it past hem to go with permanent winter time (how apt, all things considered) just to create a 2 hour difference with most of Europe :rage:


(Someone has to say it) I think the UK has made its decision to set the clocks back 50 years.


LOL - yes, that observation has been made many times. :grinning: